Mind repair

I am uncertain that there can be an art to living. What is in a name? The decisions one makes while young have consequences in the future. So is this art to be able to live with those decisions?

To minimise adverse consequences for oneself, ones freewill choices should be in harmony with nature, ie with truth.

There is nothing new under the sun. In other words truth is ever present, waiting to be discovered.

The purpose of being human is to be creative. To be creative is to have a purpose, driven by passion and with the strength of will, the persistence to bring to fruition that purpose. This then must be the art of living?

There are two worlds in which we can be. One is real, nature, and the other is artificial, made by the hand of man. When the artificial world is not in harmony with nature it is a fiction, not real.

We have the freewill to be in these worlds but we do not have the freewill of our choices without consequences. Below are arts and sciences that human beings have explored and developed and perfected.


The Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences is composed of two sequential parts, the Trivium and the Quadrivium. These arts are to free us from ignorance.

The Trivium Method is composed of a 3 step method, of coming to find truth through language and words. it is the art and science of the mind. Psychology

1. Grammar
2. Logic
3. Rhetoric

The Quadrivium is principally to do with number, and helps in the understanding of our physical environment. It is the art and science of the physical world. Cosmology.

4. Mathematics – Number
5. GEOMETRY- Number in space.
6. MUSIC OR HARMONIC THEORY- Number in time.
7. ASTRONOMY- Number in space and time.

The 7 Fine Arts, consist of:

1. Architecture
2. Fine painting
3. Sculpture
4. Music
5. Dance
6. Drama.
7. Poetry and literature.

The Seven Mechanical (Servile)

Tailoring and weaving.
Agriculture, Aquaculture.
Hands on masonry, carpentry.
Militia, martial arts (warfare and hunting).
Merchant arts (of trade and commerce).
Cooking arts.
Black smith and metallurgy arts.

Critical thinking

What do we know?

What do we believe?

Why do we believe?

Do we need to believe?

Can we live in “uncertainty”?