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Exercise daily is vital!

We human beings have freewill to do anything. Claim a Darwin award or discover electricity. If what we do is not in harmony with nature then we will harm our body and mind. Nature’s design is perfect. Every organ carefully made, positioned and interlelated to all the systems within the body. The anus is not designed to be a sexual organ and homosexuality is not in harmony with nature. Nature is about creation and sex between male and female are at its core. To have integrity we must be in harmony with nature. The rulers of our society try to keep us confused, ignorant, through specialisation, and divided. As long as we look to nature for truth we can not go far astray. Human beings disrespect for nature is only exceeded by their greed, fear and ignorance.
Please note the “green” language, harm/harmony.

Did I hear you say that the body is not perfect. It is much more than perfect. It continually renews its self, develops an immune system, notifies us when there is a problem. Think a little more about the miraculous human body and mind. Open your minds and ask questions, discover yourself and the natural world around you.


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