“The Case Against Vaccines—A to Z!”
By T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

(A) The Supreme Court declares all vaccine designs are unavoidably unsafe. Under American law, it is legally impossible to design a defective vaccine.

(B) Parents of vaccine-injured children cannot sue vaccine makers at the county courthouse—which means no judges, no juries, no class action lawsuits; Congress forbids personal injury lawsuits against vaccines makers because, if allowed to sue, personal injury attorneys would quickly bankrupt the industry. In the history of the world, no other industry has ever enjoyed blanket immunity from getting sued—for selling products known to be unavoidably unsafe—known to indiscriminately kill and maim.

(C) In 1986, Congress immunized vaccine makers from personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits; as a result, over the last 31 years, vaccine makers saved over $3.6 billion dollars—which represents the sum total paid-out by the federal government (with taxpayer dollars!) to compensate vaccine injury and death claimants. Since becoming “immune” to litigation in 1986, vaccine production has skyrocketed, and governments the world over now enact compulsory vaccination laws—which means compulsory profits for the vaccine industry. Vaccine makers enjoy the highest form of protectionism, i.e., the government protects them from lawsuits, and the lowest form of cronyism, i.e., the government mandates their products—with utter disregard for individual rights and personal freedoms.

​(D) Because parents of vaccine-injured children cannot sue vaccine makers, there is no incentive to make safe vaccines; but even if there were incentive, there’s simply no such thing as safe vaccines; (and none have ever existed). And, because lawsuits are impossible, there is no legal mechanism by which to subpoena industry documents that might otherwise help aid in understanding the science of vaccine injuries; since 1986, the science of understanding vaccine injuries has grinded to a complete standstill.

(E) No vaccine comes with an immunization warrantee of any kind whatsoever. Parents doing a simple “risk/benefit” analysis must consider that no vaccine comes with the promise of even a single “benefit,” however, all vaccines come with guaranteed “risk” of unavoidable adverse side effects—including death and permanent disability.

(F) In 2011, the Supreme Court noted: “The FDA has never even spelled out in regulations the criteria it uses to decide whether a vaccine is safe and effective for its intended use.” [Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC, (2011) 562 U.S. 223]

(G) Many children receive multiple vaccinations in a single well-visit, however, no vaccine is ever safety-tested in combination with other vaccines to determine their combined effects. Furthermore, no long-term safety study compares vaccinated versus non-vaccinated groups. But more importantly, no vaccine is ever tested for “clinical efficacy,” i.e., to see whether they actually work—by using pathogens to challenge the immune systems of the recently-vaccinated and the long-ago vaccinated—in order to determine whether the already-vaccinated are able to actually fight-off pathogenic invasions.

(H) Vaccines are tested only for “immunogenicity,” i.e., their ability to provoke an immune defense response—but never for “clinical efficacy,” i.e., their ability to actually confer immunity. And here lay the underpinnings of the vaccine hoax—medical science pretends that “vaccine-induced immune defense response equals immunity,” but this is flatly false. The fact that a person may produce antibodies following vaccination is NOT an indicator that his or her immune system has acquired future disease-fighting abilities; rather, the fact of antibody production is merely a sign of infection—and nothing more. NOTE: if done properly, testing for “clinical efficacy” would consist of vaccinating a control group–e.g., 10,000 children would receive an MMR shot, (measles, mumps, rubella), at 1 year of age, and a follow-up MMR at 5 years—and then, when the test subjects reach a certain age, (e.g., 13 years old), scientists would then challenge their immune systems with the three pathogens, (i.e., measles, mumps, and rubella viruses)—to determine whether the subjects’ immune systems can actually vanquish the three viruses. But this type of real-world testing never happens in the real world; in the real world, they sometimes test pathogens on mice. However, some viruses—like measles, mumps, and rubella—are not pathogenic to mice, and therefore, it’s pointless (if not cruel) to test these pathogens on mice, which are impervious to the pathogens, but nevertheless vulnerable to the adjuvants, preservatives and heavy metals (just like we are!). NOTE: if shot-up with only the measles pathogen, a mouse’s immune system would activate no response; however, when the measles pathogen is combined with adjuvants, preservatives and heavy metals, there will most certainly be an immune defense response. When shot-up, the mouse’s immune system senses infection—not from the pathogens, but from the adjuvants, preservatives and heavy metals—and this toxic exposure activates immune defense responses, which scientists conveniently misinterpret as a sign of future disease-fighting abilities—which, they argue, is supposedly achieved by exposure to the pathogens. And then the testing ceases. They stop testing at the first sign of immune defense response and scientists then make the rote conclusion that “immunity is achieved.” But it’s all a charade. Vaccine makers cease the testing process at “immunogenicity”—and never go on to test for “clinical efficacy”—for one obvious reason, i.e., none of the test subjects would ever withstand real-world pathogenic challenges; no indeed, they’d all come down with full-blown cases of the various diseases with which they’re challenged.

(I) Vaccine ingredients kill gut flora–i.e., intestinal microbes that regulate our digestion, metabolism, and immune system function. Vaccine-induced microbial die-off hinders our ability to digest food, metabolize nutrients, burn calories, and activate immune defense responses. (And this microbial die-off is evidenced by diarrhea, the likes of which often accompanies antibiotic use.) Notably, obesity is a common symptom of over-vaccination because vaccines ingredients, (along with pesticides and antibiotics), kill gut microbes responsible for burning calories; and when these calorie-burning microbes die-off, the body simply becomes unable to burn as many calories as it intakes—and obesity predictably then results. But perhaps most significantly, all vaccines induce this microbial die-off, which debilitates the immune system—and defeats the body’s ability to activate immune defense responses—which is the exact opposite of what vaccines are touted to do.

(J) Heavy metals in vaccines, (arsenic, aluminum, lead, mercury, etc.), tend to erode, (demyelinate), the protective coating, (myelin sheath), which insulates nerves, and heavy metal-induced erosion causes damage to nerves, which in turn impedes and obstructs the nervous system’s ability to send and receive electrical impulses to and from the brain—and this impairs cognitive ability, degenerates motor function, and all too often results in autism and paralysis.

(K) Medical science provides no criteria to predict whether a particular person can be successfully immunized with a particular vaccine—and no criteria to predict whether a particular person is susceptible to injuries from a particular vaccine. And, of course, for those who receive an annual flu shot—and remain healthy during flu season—there’s no way for them to know for sure whether their flu shot was the cause-in-fact of not getting the flu.

(L) Persons who receive a flu shot often develop a full-blown case of the flu—as a direct result of the flu shot—because, of course, the flu shot injects flu-causing viruses directly into the body, which all too often results in adverse flu events.

(M) When a person is vaccinated, but immunization fails to take hold, medical science is unable to explain why; and even when immunization supposedly does takes hold, medical science remains unable to explain why, nor can it predict how long immunity will supposedly last; and, when vaccines kill and maim, medical science is never able to explain why.

(N) In 2005, a federal appeals court described vaccine science as a “field bereft of complete and direct proof of how vaccines affect the human body.” [Althen v. Sec’y of Health & Human Servs., 418 F.3d 1274 (Fed. Cir. 2005)]

(O) Vaccines come in only one “size”–i.e., volume of liquid in the syringe; a 20-pound infant receives the same flu shot dosage as a 200-pound adult.

(P) The herd immunity theory provides that the “healthy 95%” must be vaccinated to protect the “unhealthy 5%”—who cannot be vaccinated—presumably because vaccination would kill or maim them. NOTE: they say that vaccines boost immunity; but if this were true, then vaccines should boost immunity for everybody—but they don’t; apparently, vaccines strengthen the immune system only for those with already-strong immune systems, (who don’t really need a boost); but when it comes to the most vulnerable, the immuno-compromised, vaccination is considered too dangerous—apparently because it would push them over the cliff. Truth is, all vaccines are injurious to everybody’s immune system because vaccines introduce the body to pathogens and toxins which make everybody sick—even if just a little bit—and those little bits of vaccine-induced illness aggregate over time and their injurious effects, while not immediately noticeable in the healthy, are far more pronounced and devastating for the chronically ill, the feeble, the elderly, and infants—who are easily pushed over the cliff by vaccination.

(Q) The MMR vaccine, (measles, mumps, and rubella), is not given to infants, (i.e., newborn through 12 months), because medical science considers the MMR unsafe for that age group, presumably because it would kill or maim them.

(R) Over the past ten years, the number of American children who died from the MMR vaccine, (measles, mumps, and rubella), far outpaces the number who died from all three diseases combined. Vaccine-induced deaths are always misdiagnosed and often mislabeled as the catch-all Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or “SIDS.” (It should be relabeled as Vaccine Induced Death Syndrome, or “VIDS.”)

(S) Persons vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella can “shed” all three viruses–i.e., infect others—for approx. 28 days after MMR vaccination; the recently-vaccinated must be quarantined for at least 28 days—as the MMR inserts plainly recommend.

(T) Measles is now a disease of vaccinated persons; in all modern outbreaks, (including Disneyland 2016), fully 90% of those afflicted were already vaccinated for measles—which comes as no surprise because fully 90% of any given populace have already been vaccinated for measles. Perhaps most telling, in all modern outbreaks, the media never mentions the awkward truth—that 9-out-of-10 persons afflicted were, in fact, victims of “vaccine failure.” Curiously, in reporting outbreaks, the media never indicates the number of victims who were already vaccinated; instead, the media tells us only the number of unvaccinated victims. In all outbreaks, the media blames only the unvaccinated—never mentioning the simple fact that the already-vaccinated can (and do) infect others and start outbreaks.

(U) The MMR vaccine contains man-made strains of the measles virus, but these “laboratory” strains provide only limited, fleeting protection (if any); notably, persons vaccinated with “laboratory” measle strains remain forever susceptible to the more robust “wild” strains, as well as other “laboratory” strains of the virus.

(V) If a person develops a case of “wild” measles, (from naturally occurring viral strains), then he or she acquires lifetime immunity to all forms of the measles virus; however, if a person develops a case of “laboratory” measles, (from strains attenuated in vitro), then he or she acquires, at most, only temporary immunity—and only to that particular man-made strain.

(W) Even assuming, for argument’s sake, that antibody production were an indicator of future disease-fighting abilities, then such abilities, even if acquired, would never last more than about a month—because no vaccine on the market produces significant antibody response for more than about a month.

(X) The concept of “booster” shot is a scam—you can’t “boost” immunity; there are no degrees of immunization—you either achieve immunity or you don’t.

(Y) Mothers naturally immunize their babies via the placenta and through breastfeeding, and this natural immunity transfer cycle, which is old as humankind, comes with no risk of adverse side effects and confers natural immunity—for life—to many childhood diseases. NOTE: the only other way to achieve immunity to a given pathogen is by contracting that pathogen—and then actually getting sick from it—and then (hopefully) becoming immune to it—but apparently, this magical phenomenon doesn’t work with every virus. To acquire immunity to a given disease—after having developed symptoms of that disease—is a quirky phenomenon that apparently works with some viruses, (like measles and smallpox), but not others, (like AIDS or herpes). Remember, vaccine science argues that vaccines confer immunity—merely upon a showing of antibody response; but again, mere antibody response is only a sign of infection; and the mere fact of infection brings no guarantee of future disease-fighting abilities. THE POINT: in order for the introduction of a given pathogen to actually confer immunity, it is not enough that the body merely produce antibodies; no indeed—the person vaccinated must actually “manifest symptoms” and “develop a case” of the disease. (This point is of utmost significant!) And so, if you get a flu shot, but fail to immediately develop flu-like symptoms, then it’s proof positive that your flu shot didn’t work, i.e., did not confer immunity. (Re-read the last sentence!) In theory, a flu shot can confer immunity (to particular viral strains) but only if the person vaccinated actually manifests flu-like symptoms and develops a case of the flu–i.e., with a fever and chills for a few days; but then again, upon reflection, maybe it’s better to decline the flu shot—which comes with literally hundreds of known adverse side effects—and instead take your chances on naturally acquiring a fever, chills, and then lifetime immunity.

(Z) It is impossible to un-vaccinate. And, sadly, mass vaccination practices tend to interrupt, and regrettably, may forever alter humanity’s natural immunity cycles.

P.S. Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep the government out of your body.

~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (Aug. 18, 2017)

[T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney and vaccinologist who advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride, and science. Phillips is now suing the State of California to halt SB 277—California’s oppressive vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. Please visit: ]