1. Deficiencies: Australians are deficient in magnesium and iodine. see links below We are also deficient in omega 3 fats.
Vitamin D deficiency (as measured in blood test) has resulted from the “slip,slop,slap” cancer campaign.
I supplement with;
a) vitamin D capsules or drops.
b) magnesium applied to the skin to adjust calcium/magnesium balance.
c) iodine in the form of liquid potassium iodide.
d) omega 3 – flax and hemp seed oils

2. Long term diet imbalance, due to highly acidic western diet. Highly processed, highly sugared.
I am adjusting my diet generally according to acid / alkaline food chart and monitor balance
using litmus test strips check saliva and urine pH.

3.Detoxify: Toxins build up over time and need to be removed.
a) edible clay French green bentonite clay
b) 24 hour fast

4. Gut flora: Probiotics and enzymes to assist the decline in effectiveness of digestion.

5. Colostrum: to support the thymus gland.

6. Colloidal silver: To add a second line of immunity I supplement with colloidal silver.
Colloidal metals are a new frontier of medicine.

7. Aerobic exercise is “chemotherapy” for the body. Minimum 30 minutes a day.

8. Pilates and yoga keep supple muscles. DO THIS!

9. Cancer is a fungus.
Cancer due to tissue cells being high in fungus.
Kill off the fungus with the powerful fungicide Bi-carbonate of soda.
Mix 3parts maple syrup to 1 part bi-carbonate of soda.

10 Royal Raymond Rife super interesting story.

11 Water Fluoridation.

Borax Conspiracy

All disease begins in the gut. – Hippocrates
Sugar: The Bitter Truth

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