“In health and in sickness, PURE WATER is one of heaven’s choicest blessings. Its proper use promotes health. Drunk freely, it helps to supply the necessities of the system, and assists nature to resist disease.” Ministry of Healing p237.

“Thousands have died for want of PURE WATER and PURE AIR, who might have lived… These blessings they need in order to become well. If they would become enlightened, & let medicine alone (meaning drugs), and accustom themselves to outdoor exercise, and to air their houses, summer & winter, and use SOFT WATER for drinking and bathing purposes, they would be comparatively well and happy instead of dragging out a miserable existence.” How to Live Ch4 p56.

“Reduce the feverish state of the system by a careful and intelligent application of WATER. These efforts will help nature in her struggle to free the system of impurities… The use of WATER can accomplish but little if the patient does not feel the necessity of also strictly attending to his diet.” How to Live Ch4 p60.

“Nature, to relieve herself of poisonous impurities, makes an effort to free the system, which effort produces fevers and what is termed disease. But even then, if those who are afflicted would assist nature in her efforts, by the use of PURE, SOFT WATER, much suffering would be prevented.” How to Live Ch4 p60.

Jesus answered and said unto her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that says to you, “Give me to drink,” you would have asked of Him, and he would have given unto thee LIVING WATER.” John 4:10.




In one (1) drop of water there are about 5 billion molecules. Your body is approximately 80% WATER, and all body chemistry reactions take place in water solutions. WATER is the best and finest catalyst known throughout all nature. (A catalyst is something that joins 2 or more compounds together without becoming a part of the union as such. A minister may marry a man & a woman without becoming part of the union. The minister would be the catalyst.)

Water is also the best of all the cleansing agents known to man. There is nothing as good to cleanse the temple that God has given us as pure, clean, DISTILLED drinking water. Most people do not drink enough water. I often have people say to me: “I never drink any water.” My reply is: “What do you think you are? A Volkswagen!”

We are water-cooled mechanisms, and water is just as essential to us as it is to plants. If we do not drink enough water to wash out the worn out cells then our bodies will store or collect these worn out cells. Just as a bad apple in a barrel of good apples, it makes the good apples rot more quickly. This also happens in our bodies.

In our bodies these worn out cells collect in the weakest areas, often causing pain in those parts of the body:- the knees, joints, head, muscles, etc. The drug oriented doctor will diagnose the pain and treat the hurts, without knowing where those worn out cells originated. However, he is doctoring the effect and not the cause. In the RBTI (Reams Biological theory of Ionization) we work on the CAUSE and pay very little attention to the EFFECT. In ignorance, the medical “profession” falsely diagnoses these effects, and gives fancy names like Arthritis, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc.; and uses either surgery, radiation, or poisonous drugs (Cut, Burn & Poison approach), to treat or remove affected areas; further complicating an already overburdened system. Thus the original problem remains.


Pure Water. What is it? Let’s answer this by asking, “What isn’t pure water?” Would you drink dirty water from your:- dishwashing, car radiator, swimming pool, dog water bowl? No! Why? Because it is dirty and full of undesirable matter, or molecules. We put the BEST FUEL in our cars for the BEST PERFORMANCE, likewise we require the BEST WATER for our bodies. Dirty water and mineral water is hard water. It is not easy to wash dishes in hard water; and boiling hard water in a kettle, leaves a dirty chalky rim of insoluble matter on the inside of the kettle.

Obviously hard water is inefficient at cleaning the human body; and, when drinking this water that holds impurities or mineral solids suspended in it, these solids will as surely leave deposits in your system as they do in your kettle.

Pure Water is the opposite, it is empty (or near empty), making it a softer water. Rain water used to be depended upon for drinking water to a greater extent, than it is today around the world. In most locations, rain water is not as pure as it once was because of the great amount of air pollution. One of the most well known long living groups of people in the world, are the Hunzas, and they drink glacier water. Glacier water is equivalent to DISTILLED WATER.

DISTILLED WATER is the water that nature prefers. Rain is water that is distilled without the help of man. Fog is distilled water before it is condensed into drops.

Rain, snow and ice, are all “cationic” (energy attracted to earth). In the process of transpiration, water in the colloidal form of steam or mist, becomes “anionic”, and is attracted up to the Van Alien Belt, and accumulates in the stratosphere. This process is nothing more than Gods natural WATER DISTILLER. All unwanted inorganic and organic matter is stripped from the water molecule except miniscule particles of essential anionic calcium, potassium and chlorine. (Calcium, potassium and chlorine in an anionic form are assimilable. Calcium, potassium and chlorine in a cationic form are non-assimilable, and are removed via distillation.) Thus, DISTILLED WATER is not totally empty, but contains within itself, a few highly assimilable minerals in a colloidal & organic form. Because of worldwide pollution, water distilling must now be imitated in most places.

PURE DISTILLED WATER is classed as a high energy water. That means the water molecules have very little within them to tie up their magnetic energy. The distilling process polarizes (makes electronegative) each water molecule. Distilled water also has a high electrical resistance, and a low conductivity, due to its pure state. This results in soft and wetter water, that is, it has a lower surface tension making it far superior for moving energy in and throughout cell membranes. Distilled water is sweet to taste.


You may wonder whether roof collected rainwater is pure? It is generally much better than the “treated” (poisoned) water in towns & cities, but sadly there are few places on this earth where there is good dean rainwater. Unless you buy a WATER DISTILLER, you may have no choice but to drink from the “best of a bad bunch”. Roof collected water often picks up much inorganic / organic and non-assimilable matter. Then add the metal oxides from the roof, guttering, pipes and finally storage tank! All of these contaminants and / or minerals are unnecessary to the body. This type of water is known as hard and dry water, with a low electrical resistance and high conductivity. (NOTE: Water drunk from concrete tanks helps create calcium spurs and calcification in the joints. DISTILLED WATER helps remove these problems.)


a: Hard water places a heavy burden upon the kidneys which increases the salt levels in the blood and other body tissues. The body literally stacks salts up in areas, hoping that the system will be able to remove them before too long. When these salts are not removed, eventually the degeneration of the systems chemistry becomes exaggerated. Cardiovascular disease is the effect produced by excess conductivity. Likewise kidney disease Is on the rise, from the same cause.

b: Food provides 20% of the minerals we require; and the air we breathe (through our lungs & skin), provides the other 80%. I.E.: Water was not meant to be a means of providing minerals to the body; but Is a catalyst to enable the body to take minerals out of the food & air.

c: The higher the mineral content of MINERAL WATERS, the higher the danger to your health. To understand the harmful effect of mineral water is to understand cytology, or the cells structure and function. The elements of the mineral kingdom cannot be assimilated directly by the human / animal cell. They must first go through a process of linking with amino acids first. In the plant kingdom is the link for getting minerals into human life efficiently. The plants can take in the mineral directly, especially when it has colloidal phosphate available to It. All minerals (with the exception of nitrogen) need colloidal phosphate to link up with, so its journey into the plant is simplified. Once in the plant, the phosphated minerals become a part of the cell structure after going through recombining processes in the energy cycles of the plant cells. These energy cycles put the mineral into a chelated form. That is, the mineral ends up linked with amino acid complexes in the plants structural tissue. When man eats the plant, the mineral complex in the plant amino acids can then be easily converted by human enzyme activity, into molecular structures on the human frequency.

[We need minerals in our diet, but just because we require iron, we don’t go and eat nails, just because they are high in iron! Our body can digest nails, but it is of no benefit to our mineral needs. Eating silverbeet is preferable to eating nails.]

Nature also distills water during all the metabolic functions of the plant. So when you are drinking a fruit juice, you are actually drinking water that the plant has distilled and placed organic mineral-sugar complexes within. However, fruit juices can not take the place of plain distilled water. Juices contain the mineral sugars that makes the body recognize the liquid as a food and not as plain water.


PURE WATER (Steam Distilled), is recommended as 1: A Cleansing agent, 2: A Catalyst for the body’s normal chemical functions.

Keep in mind, that the use of distilled water is preferred not just because of its lack of inorganic minerals, but because of the higher energy. Steam distilled water will move through the system and especially the liver, better than low energy water. It will assure that your body is kept at the correct hydration level.


Purchase an electric water distiller, approximately $325 for 17 litres / day; to $10,000 for bulk quantities. Click here to view high quality Water Distillers that are available in Australia;

Buy steam distilled water from shops / supermarkets. Make sure it is genuine distilled water;

In Australia there is a good brand called Moore’s Distilled Water. Available in 6 litre packs at most Woolworth’s stores; approximately $4 to $5 each;

Filter clean rain water through a quality charcoal tube cartridge filter;

Fit a rain water diverter to your guttering / tank, to divert the first flow of water away from the holding tank. The first 100 to 200 litres of water that flows off the roof, is usually 10 times more contaminated than the bulk of the rainwater;

Beware of “Mineral Waters”. The more minerals, the harder the water. Minerals are provided via food & air, not your water;

Do not use DEIONISED WATER, it is not suitable for human consumption. It is a pure water suitable for a steam iron. Deionised water is “hungry water”, & win pull usable minerals out of your body over a period of time;

Water advertised “PURIFIED”, is usually “DEIONISED WATER”, and unless it states “Steam Distilled Water”, beware;

Anything less than steam distilled water is a crippling water, & not what God created originally.


For those of you who need extra convincing in regards to distilled water, you can do this simple experiment if you have pets in your home. Fill 2 clean pans with drinking water. One with distilled water and one with plain tap water, giving them a choice of which they prefer to drink. Given a choice, animals will always prefer distilled water. Who told them it was better?

Given the choice, birds – dogs – cats – goats and even human babies will drink distilled water rather than any other water, and at first will often drink large quantities as their body rehydrates.

REMEMBER, DRINK SMALL AMOUNTS OF DISTILLED WATER REGULARLY. For about 10 hours a day, drinking 3-4 ounces every 1/2 hour for the average person is the most the liver can utilize; above this you’re wasting water.

A hard working person in hot conditions may require much more water. The average person requires 2 litres / day. In extremely hot climates like Australia, this amount can and does quadruple! DON’T DRINK LARGE AMOUNTS OCCASIONALLY.

Don’t drink water with your meals, rather, drink water up to 5 minutes before eating, and after 1/2 hour of finishing your meal.

Dr. Robert Bruce

Published on 4 Apr 2012

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