Create the fitness for the life you want to live.


Daily Check list and monitoring

Do you know your mind? Do you know your body?  If not then you must begin to know them because to know yourself is to know the universe and the Gods

identify and deal with physical, emotional and chemical stresses

Balance is the key to success.

Five essentials for health

  1. DETOXIFY, water and clay

  2. ALKALISE, water and salt , balanced diet, bicarb

  3. IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT (probiotics, kefir, yoghurt, other fermented foods)

  4. OXYGENATE, deep breathing, exercise

  5. MUSIC,SOUND,VIBRATION (RESONANCE), example 528Hz (the heart/green healing vibration)

Medicine cabinet ideas. Stop poisoning your body with artificial substances like concentrated/refined sugars and food additives.

Supporters consider H2O2 as one of the greatest healing miracles of all time and it belongs right next to sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, iodine, selenium, sulphur and magnesium as basic medicines that belong in every medicinal cabinet. These are all superhero medicines because they feed the roots of life.

DMSO, Turpentine, MMS (Chlorine dioxide), Shilajit

Healing supplements internet search for;

  • CBD Cannabis oil provides homeostasis Ref Rick Simpson
  • bicarbonate of soda and 100% pure maple syrup reduces fungal overgrowth that cause cancer Ref Dr Jim
  • Vitamin C and L-Lysne Cardiovascular calcium balance Ref Linus Pauling
  • Borax has boron to balance calcium heal arthritic issues Ref Borax conspiracy

All disease begins in the gut. – Hippocrates


  • quality SLEEP – get early to bed almost every evening,
  • break FAST with water and sea salt then food and exercise. Hydrate the body everyday.
  • GUT – re-populate gut bacteria with for example Kefir to maintain healthy gut flora.
  • AEROBIC exercise – min. 30 minutes aerobic activity DAILY it is chemotherapy for your body.
  • SUPPLE muscles – daily stretches yoga, Pilates, …
  • NUTRITION – eat a variety, see List of super foods, pH foods,  keep your saliva pH close to 7, Magnesium and vitamin D levels.  Supplement deficiencies eg iodine, omega 3
  • FAST intermittently for a day – detox body.
  • STRESS management – daily check for tension – /walk in nature/chiropractor/massage/ meditate / concentrate / contemplate.
  • LIFE IS DOING – your work should fill your heart with joy – PASSION
  • MIND – listen, read, learn and do > everything is difficult until you try doing it. Suspend your belief to free your mind, live a little in uncertainty, let the third eye have a say.
  • PURPOSE – Fulfil your dreams – the future determines the present. Only the future can be changed. the present and passed has been entered into the record of the universe, and can not be changed.
  • Everything is INFORMATION – verified information is KNOWLEDGE.
  • One may not know much but one can DO ANYTHING one focuses ones attention on. Get information, understand the information, do with wisdom. “To know and not to do is not to know” The law of attraction / Jakob’s ladder.
  • AVOID / LIMIT – soda / coffee / tea / alcohol

Truth can not be told, it must be realised.

Truth is a discovery we make for ourselves. Believe nothing, faith in self, the intelligence you were born with.

Warning. This is a research site collecting information for consideration.  ALL material provided herein is in no way intended to provide or advertise any medical advice or make any generalised medical claims in any way shape or form.  By continuing to read you agree to not consider any of this research material, or testimonials as medical advice. This information is provided specifically for the researcher only, none of this material is intended to provide any diagnosis, cure, or to prevent any disease, nor to provide any medical advice whatsoever.


One does not need to believe but one needs to know.  Know by doing.  As Miss Frizzle said
“take chances, make mistakes, get messy”

I summarise above my exploration into ageing health maintenance and mind repair.
Since the body continually replaces its cells and repairs itself it needs support of some essential nutrients that have become depleted from our body and the foods we eat.

The single most important thing you can do for your health is a minimum of 30 minutes vigorous exercise every day.

Begin gradually and build up.

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